• Safe & Durable Storage
  • High Capacity
  • Cost Effective
  • No Maintenance Worries or Unforeseen costs


  • Over 40 Rooms
  • Diverse age groups and needs


  • HangSafe Hooks
  • HangSafe Cubbies

Year completed: 2004


During 2004, James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri expanded their children’s ministry wing with a 104,370 square foot expansion.

To capitalize on the additional space and to provide the safest environment for their school age children, James River turned to HangSafe Hooks for a storage solution. From the details to the design and delivery, see how HangSafe Hooks worked to provide the perfect solution.

Details and Design

With over 40 classrooms serving children ages 4-12, a wide range of needs were taken into consideration. The ages of students, average number of students per class, and wall type were all taken into consideration. Working with the leadership team of James River, the exact number of hooks needed for each class was decided. In addition, the exact location for each HangSafe Rack was planned.


After completing James River’s storage solution, the students, staff, and parents were ready to enjoy their safe and durable HangSafe Hooks!


Reduces liability with no protrusions or sharp edges minimizing the risks of eye & head injuries. The wall mount eliminates floor trip hazards and clutter as well as keep bags and coats out of reach of children.


Durable materials and design provide ability to hold multiple heavy bags and coats simultaneously. The coat rack is manufactured with the following materials:

  • Individual hooks made of durable polycarbonate plastic,

  • Racks are secured with oversized stainless steel screws,

  • Hooks are placed on a polyurethane-finished solid oak, mounting board.