HangSafe Hooks

Flat-profile, virtually unbreakable coat hook

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Never replace broken coat hooks again. 

Win with your facilities team by choosing a hook that never breaks. Our lifetime warranty guarantees that if a hook breaks, we will replace it for free.

Condense students’ belongings to just one hook.

One hook is enough to hold a heavy backpack, bulky lunchbox, and winter coat.

Create a safe learning environment. 

90% of injuries that occur in schools are unintentional injuries.* Removing protruding coat hooks eliminates the risk of needless harm.

*Children’s Safety Network National Injury & Safety Network Resource Center

 Watch as Kevin Schauer, Founder & CEO, demonstrates the strength of HangSafe Hooks.


School districts and organizations receive a quantity price break based on previous orders. To determine if your district or organization has already ordered call us at 888-803-7403  or simply click Request a Quote!


  • 1 – 99
  • 100 – 499
  • 500 – 999
  • 1000 – 4999
  • 5000+


  • $5.25 per hook
  • $5.15 per hook
  • $5.05 per hook
  • $4.95 per hook
  • $4.85 per hook

Ordering Details

  • Each Order Includes: Two, #14 x 2″ stainless steel screws and washers per hook.

  • Lifetime Warranty: We are confident that our hooks will not break, if one does, we’ll replace it for free.

  • Shipping: Most hook only orders ship by the next business day.

  • Payments: We accept all major credit cards and public school purchase orders. Feel free to fax your PO to 417-725-8901 or send via email to sales@hangsafehooks.com.

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HangSafe Hooks drawing

What We Provide: 

  • HangSafe Hook

  • 2″ Stainless Steel Screws and Finishing Washers

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Easy Installation Instructions

What You Need:

  • Backer board (recommended 3-1/2″ tall and 1-1/2″ thick)

  • Drill and Drill Bit