Kevin and Candra Schauer

Kevin and Candra Schauer, Founders, HangSafe Hooks

This year, we reflect on 28 years of providing our safety coat hooks—HangSafe Hooks—to facilities around the world.

I can remember the day I witnessed for the first time children playing in an area with protruding coat hooks. I watched my son, Aric, come dangerously close to the metal hooks on the walls. I told a leader, “Those hooks have to be taken down.” His response was—like many I’ve heard over the years—”we need storage and those are our only option.”

As I went home that night, I couldn’t sleep—my mind was too busy creating safety coat hooks with a flat-profile design. Within a few weeks, the first HangSafe Hook replaced the protruding coat hooks. I’m pleased to say the original hooks are still hanging strong on the walls of that hallway.

Candra and I are reminded often about the peace of mind we felt the day we replaced the protruding coat hooks in the area our sons played. It is our goal that others experience the same peace of mind.

We look forward to working with you to create a safer environment!


Kevin and Candra Schauer

Founders of HangSafe Hooks