HangSafe Racks

Fully-assembeled, wall mounted coat racks

Condense student belongings to just one hook.

Because one is enough to hold a heavy backpack, bulky lunchbox, and winter coat, you’ll never find yourself tripping over backpacks packs on the floor.

Built to last for generations.  

Second generation students are now hanging their belongings on HangSafe Hooks. We use the strongest materials so students are free to play without fear of injury or damage. Click here to see our rack holding a 395 lb. barbell. 

Durable enough to withstand outdoor elements. 

While we can’t prevent the elements, our outdoor rack options protect students’ belongings—and parents investment—by picking coats and backpacks off of the wet concrete. 

Rack Details

Choose Your Hook Spacing.

Click here to download the Racks Length Chart.

*Spacing measures from the center of one hook to the center of the next.

5 1/3in Spacing

Provides more hook per linear foot of rack board which makes it the most economical choice.

$16.45 per hook

5 1/3" Hook Spacing

6.4in Spacing

Utilize limited space and allow room for bigger backpacks and bulky coats, our most popular choice.

$18.55 per hook

6.4" Hook Spacing

8in Spacing

Ensure plenty of extra space between coat hooks, best for larger coats and heavy backpacks.

$20.85 per hook

8" Hook Spacing

10 2/3in Spacing

Extra storage with our most spacious option provides ample room for belongings. 

$23.85 per hook

10 2/3" Hook Spacing
Choose Your Coat Rack Material

Vibrant Racks

Indoor & Outdoor

High Density, Recycled Polyethylene

Solid Color throughout Thickness

UV Prohibitors

18 Colors Available

Antique Mahogany

Aqua Blue



Cardinal Red



Dark Brown

Dark Green


Light Brown

Light Grey

Lime Green



Patriot Blue


Royal Blue

Slate Grey



Solid Wood Racks

Indoor Only

Two Layers of 3/4″ Solid Oak

Your Choice in Stain Color

Two Protective Coats of Polyurethane

9 Colors Available



Golden Oak


Dark Walnut

Red Mahogany

Pickled Oak


English Chestnut

Classic Grey

Outdoor Racks

Indoor & Outdoor

Deep, Wood-like Grain

Solid Color throughout Thickness

4 Colors Available

Cape Cod Grey



Weathered Wood

Place Your Coat Rack Order

Call to order at 1-417-725-8900.

*Most rack orders ship within 2 weeks.