What do I need to know for my custom order?

How much available wall space you have determines how many hooks will fit. Each rack is available at four spacing options (the length from the center of one hook to the next). Your spacing option will determine how many hooks will fit. Then, choose your color from our stain options. And what types of walls [...]

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How can I place a custom order?

There are two ways to create a custom order: Online in the above “Ordering” menu or over the phone at 1-888-803-7403. If your order is very detailed and you’d like more help, we’re happy to discuss the details over the phone.

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Why do I need to know the wall type I will be mounting on?

We like to include all of the wall mounting hardware in your order. That way, we can help ensure you have everything you need for the proper installation of both the coat racks and shelving. It's helpful to know any details about your walls that may be helpful in selecting the wall mounting hardware, i.e., [...]

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