HangSafe Shelving

Never Bend, Bow, or Sag

Our Shelving is unlike traditional shelving. Each shelving solution is mounted with custom steel brackets for a secure, strong hold. Load our shelves with heavy books, they will never bend, bow, or sag over time.

Pair with HangSafe Hooks

Seamlessly pairs with our HangSafe Racks. See our options below to see how additional storage can be achieved with a custom solution that includes: HangSafe Racks, and HangSafe Shelves!

No Sharp Edges

Our Shelving is designed to be safe in facilities where children play. HangSafe Shelves feature eased edges and angled corners to help minimize impact injuries.

Easy to Install

We’ll give you everything you need for a secure installation. Our shelving is mounted on steel brackets and we’ll give you the instructions you need for an easy and secure installation. If you’d like to know how they are installed, take a look at our instructions available here.

HangSafe Shelving Options

Custom designs are available to fit your facility. Just like our HangSafe Racks, we design a HangSafe Shelving system specific to your facility based on your space and storage needs! Call our offices at 1-888-803-7403 to speak with us about a custom solution!

HangSafe Shelf-Rack I

Increase storage with our HangSafe Shelf-Rack I. Each Shelf-Rack I measures at 12″ deep and 7″ tall. The length of the shelf is custom to your available space. The HangSafe Shelf-Rack I is mounted on steel brackets that are 1/4″ thick but are hidden by the shelf apron that wraps around the front and sides of the shelving connecting the shelf to the HangSafe coat rack.

Prices start at $62 per foot.

HangSafe Shelf-Rack II

Maximize storage with a slimline design. The Shelf-Rack II stands 7″ tall and 12″ deep, the 1/4″ thick steel securely fastens the shelf to the coat rack. Just like our coat hooks, our shelving holds up for many years of daily wear. Our shelving is designed with custom steel brackets for a sturdy installation. Even loaded down with books and supplies they’ll never bend or bow.

Prices start at $58 per foot.

HangSafe Shelf

The slimline design of our shelves are perfect for tight, high-traffic areas. Even loaded down with books, it will never bend, bow, or sag. Our shelving measures either 8 1/2″, 10″, or 12″ deep and 2″ tall. Like all of our products, we include the mounting hardware including 1/4″ thick steel brackets.

Prices start at $34 per foot.

HangSafe Corner Shelf

Utilize the coveted corner space with HangSafe Corner Shelves. A sturdy shelf that slides into a corner for even more storage. Our corner shelves are used often times for commercial restroom storage, they offer a clean environment for your patrons to place their belongings. But their attractive design, in your choice of stain color, offers additional storage for any corner wall space.

Only $32.

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Stain Options

We finish with your choice of stain color and two protective coats of polyurethane clear coat ensuring a long-lasting finish.


Golden Oak


Dark Walnut

Red Mahogany

Pickled Oak

English Chestnut


Classic Grey

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