Not Your Average Coat Rack

  • Our HangSafe Racks come fully assembled, ready to mount on the wall out of the box.

  • We offer four spacing options to choose from.

  • We offer many material and finish options.

  • We ship fast: most rack orders ship within 2-3 business days.

Not Your Average Coat Rack

High Capacity

Built to hold more than just a coat. Our HangSafe Hooks are made with the same material used for airplane windows, bullet-proof windows, and football helmets. Reduce tripping hazards by storing winter coats and heavy backpacks securely to the wall instead of cluttering walkways. A mounted HangSafe Hook sits 3 1/2″ fastened to the rack board and 3 1/2″ above the rack for storage space. We’ve tested it and we’ve been able to easily fit a backpack, coat, scarf, and lunchbox on one hook.


Built Strong

We take each material into account for a strong finished product. Built using two 3/4" handpicked layers of solid wood, making the final rack 1-1/2" thick and 3-1/2" tall. HangSafe Hooks are pre-mounted on our racks using two #14" x 2" stainless steel screws and washers.

Built Strong



Spacing Options

We offer four different spacing options. The choice can be made based on preference, or the amount of hooks required in the available space. Designed based on standard building practices, each option allows mounting holes to be 16″ on center for a more secure installation.

5 1/3″ Spacing

Saves Space and Money. Because the HangSafe 5 1/3″ spacing series provides more hook per linear foot of rack board, it’s the most economical choice.

5 1/3″ Spacing Rack
5 1/3″ Spacing with Backpacks
5 1/3″ Spacing with Coats

6.4″ Spacing

The Popular Choice. It’s the best of both worlds, utilize limited space and allow room for bigger backpacks and bulky coats–it’s our most popular choice.

6.4″ Spacing Rack
6.4″ Spacing with Backpacks
6.4″ Spacing with Coats

8″ Spacing

Accomodates Big Coats & Backpacks. Ensure plenty of extra space between coat hook–perfect for larger coats and heavy backpacks.

8″ Spacing Racks
8″ Spacing with Backpacks
8″ Spacing with Coats

10 2/3″ Spacing

The Spacious Choice. Extra space means extra storage, and our most spacious option provides ample room for hanging.

10 2/3″ Spacing Rack
10 2/3″ Spacing with Backpacks
10 2/3″ Spacing with Coats


Solid Oak Stain Options

Our HangSafe racks are made of two layers of 3/4″ solid oak. We finish with your choice of stain color and two protective coats of polyurethane clear coat ensuring a long-lasting finish. Download a printable copy of our material and stain options.


Outdoor Composite Color Options

HangSafe Outdoor racks are designed with composite material to withstand damaging outdoor elements. The composite material is molded to give a natural wood look. Download a printable copy of our material and stain options.


Installing HangSafe Racks onto Concrete Block

Kevin Schauer – the founder of HangSafe Hooks – demonstrates how to quickly and easily install HangSafe Racks onto concrete block.

Keep watching for future videos to help you while installing HangSafe Racks and Shelving onto different wall types. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help!