Can plastic coat hooks hold that much?

You may be asking if plastic coat hooks can really hold up to the wear and tear of years of classroom use? Opposed to popular belief, plexiglass is not the plastic we use to create HangSafe Hook. Instead, we use …

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How do I hang coat hooks?

To hang coat hooks, we provide the mounting hardware for a safe hold. Install HangSafe Hooks on an existing coat rack is to use the provided two 2″ stainless steel screws and washers. Simply remove metal coat hooks and install …

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What spacing of coat hooks should I choose?

When choosing the spacing of coat hooks, consider the belonging of the students using them regularly. Each of our spacing options has the capacity to hold a backpack, coat, and even a lunchbox with 3 1/2" of available hook space. We offer four spacing options between the center of one hook to the center of [...]

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